Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have a dream....about colored sweaters

I used to be the Target queen - I LOVED Target. I loved the short lines, I loved the selection, I loved the cleanliness - I loved everything except the prices. However, when I am pinched for time or just need a few things, Target is my place to go. I am also a big supporter as I got several Target gift cards for Christmas and promptly spent them all. However, lately, Target has started to get on my nerves. I am sure many of you have heard of their stunt they pulled with the Britax car seats (for more info, read here). That would have made me really mad if I thought I was getting a car seat for a steal and then get a notice that they made a mistake, sorry. Uggh! Then tonight I got even more irritated with my good shopping friend. I had to run in and grab a birthday present for a party V is going to tomorrow. I noticed that they had some of their winter clothes on clearance, so I glanced quickly to see what they had. I saw some really cute cable knit sweaters normally priced at $20 marked down to $12. Great deal, I thought! The only thing was, only the black, gray, and green sweaters were marked. The other colors were not marked, so I figured they just didn't mark them. After all, they all were the EXACT. SAME. SWEATER. I grabbed a black one for the price tag and a cream one to buy. I was so excited because tomorrow is a teacher workday and I get to wear jeans, so I thought the new sweater would look so cute with my jeans. I got up to the register and explained that I wanted the cream sweater but it wasn't priced correctly, so I brought the black one for the price. The register girl rudely informed me that "only certain colors are on sale." This was after a long day, so I just looked at her for a second and said, "Are you serious? They are the exact same sweater." She just looked back at me and said, "I know, it doesn't make any sense." I asked her, "So you are basically telling me because I want the cream colored sweater I have to pay $8 more? That's crazy!" The lady behind me rudely said, "That's just retail." I handed both of the sweaters back to the girl to restock, paid for the birthday present and card, and walked out. I heard the register girl apologize for making the lady wait as I left. ARRRGGH! That is ridiculous - I think you could call that discrimination. Maybe I should call the ACLU or the NAACP and organize a protest to make all the colored sweaters the same price. It is the weekend before Martin Luther King Jr. Day after all!


  1. I hear you. It's not just target. The stores run a line of colors for a season then go to clearence that season's colors out. I understand why they do it but they ought to put the clearenced sweaters on a separate rack from the newer ones.

  2. I stopped being a fan of Target many years ago when they went to the no receipt no exchange policy. I had bought some roller blades for Christmas to donate to a family. The family got some roller blades before I got mine to them, but needed another size for their other child. So Target would not let me exchange for another size because I didn't have my receipt. I didn't shop at Target for about 5 years after that. I rarely go into Target nowadays... I love their stuff, but their customer service is HORRID.


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