Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Hi, my name is Erin.." "Hi Erin."

I have a confession to make. I have a serious issue. I ...(taking a deep breath) HATE taking Christmas stuff down. I LOVE putting it much so that this year when I was kind of dragging around and didn't have it all out the day after Thanksgiving, I think Tim wondered what was wrong with me. I was tired and worn out and ready to be on Christmas break, but we got it all up and I was so happy. After Christmas though...I was not so happy. I HATE putting the Christmas stuff away. It is so nice to see the house all decorated and pretty and Christmasey. Not that my house isn't decorated and pretty normally -it is. I have a great husband who helps me with all of that and has fantastic taste. I love my house. I just hate putting the Christmas stuff away. It literally depresses me. I am in a bad mood the whole rest of the day that I do it (just ask Tim and V and they will tell you!)

So here it is, January 11th, and all my Christmas stuff got put away today. And that's only because Tim gave me a deadline. Because if I had to do it on my would probably still be up on Easter. When I am old and have an extra room, I will probably make a Christmas room and leave my Christmas stuff out all year long. I saw a show one time somewhere that someone did that and I think that is a fantastic idea. Please, please, someone sympathize with me - do you have the same dread? Do you puffy heart all your Christmas stuff? Do you procrastinate putting it away? Or do I really have a serious problem? :)


  1. I vote for a serious problem.

  2. You crack me up! Girl, we all have "our things". Me personally, I like to have the Christmas stuff gone as soon as possible so I can "have my house back". But my Mom is just like you, it makes her so sad to put it all away. She just took her stuff down this weekend too. I tried to talk her into keeping the tree up and changing decorations for the holidays (Valentines, St. Patrick's, Easter)... but my Dad would have none of that!

  3. I'm still procrastinating. We have been having basketball tournaments the last two weekends and I'm just too lazy to take everything down myself.

  4. Hmm...Im like Sharon. I like it while its up and then when all the craziness over, I cant wait to tear it all down and get back to normal. Especially this year, I got tired of retrimming the tree everyday due to the kitty-terror.

  5. I procrastinate on everything... but my hubby keeps me straight on stuff like that.=)

    Is your blog new? So glad to see you're in the blogosphere now!

  6. hi erin if it were not for my husband all would still be out and I know I have seen my mothers stay out until easter


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