Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tag - you're it!

I hear those words during recess about a million times. I finally got tagged too!

Crys tagged me on her blog so I just HAVE to participate. I think the rules are that you go into your pictures and click the fourth folder. Then you click on the fourth picture and write about it. I don't have my pictures organized well - they are all in one hugemongous folder called "Personal Photos." LOL! I did click the fourth picture and it was a picture of a dog we had to find a new home for, and I thought that would be kind of depressing, so I clicked the fifth picture. It's our house!

This is actually a really old picture of our house. This is before we re-landscaped (ok, TIM re-landscaped) the front yard. Where that ugly potting soil is, we have marble rocks now. We have a bench and several pots with flowers in them in the marble rock. It is really pretty and very low maintenance....just my style. We just re-painted our door (I have to blog about was hilarious!) so it is more of a New England cottage blue now. You see our cars - my Civic and Tim's CRV. Both of those beautiful Hondas are no Civic was totaled by an old lady running a stop sign at the grocery store and the CRV got traded for my Pilot after it hit 180,000 miles. Now we have the Pilot (for me) and the Element (for Tim). We are still a 2 Honda family, so that's all that matters!

What makes me smile about this picture is I remember the reason I took it was for our homestudy so that we could adopt V. I remember walking around and snapping shots of our house from the front and the back and just being so excited about adopting our sweet girl. Now she has been here for over 2 years and I couldn't imagine life without her.

Crys, thanks for the tag! I am tagging Tim, Jerilyn, Melissa, and Crystal . Have fun!!!

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  1. Cool, thanks for responding to the tag! Im glad you didnt post a pic of rehomed doggie. I would have skipped over it too if it were my fourth pic! I remember the feeling of taking pics of the house for homestudy, exciting wasnt it?


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