Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The changes of a week

One week ago...I was looking forward to going to the doctor to confirm what I was pretty positive of. Today I am grieving the loss of the addition to our family.

One week ago...I was thinking about names and color schemes and where we would put all V's toys when we converted the playroom into a baby's room. Today I just wish the playroom was clean.

One week ago...I got sick to my stomach at any given moment but didn't care because it would all be worth it. Today I ate whatever I felt like and wished I had that sickness again.

One week ago...I was trying to figure out how many sick days I had and if I would have to come back to school after leave before Christmas break. Today I just wished I didn't have a faculty meeting because I wanted to go home and sleep.

One week ago...I was full of excitement and hope and anticipation. Today I am just tired and moody.

I am slowly starting to feel more like myself. This weekend, I laughed a lot, cried a little, and enjoyed the company of my fantastic husband and sweet daughter. Family is very important - and I am so grateful and blessed for mine.

God, let me never take them for granted. Thank you for my blessings and help me to see that you have a plan, even in the hard times.


  1. Hugs girl.... your blog almost made me cry, I know that hurt you are feeling. Give yourself time to grieve... and try try and try again. :-)

  2. Erin love you wish i had some great words and btw call me anytime and i wish i had seen this post before now.


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