Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What would you do?

Here's a hypothetical situation for you. Your child is out playing at the neighbor's house, in their yard. You are getting ready to call her home for dinner when the doorbell rings. The neighbor's big brother and his friend are at the door. They are holding a humongous assault rifle - play, of course, because who wouldn't give their school aged kid a huge toy gun. (Note the extreme sarcasm here). After you breathe a sigh of relief that you are not being held up in your house, you ask what's going on. The children claim that your child (who doesn't even OWN a toy gun) threw the gun on the ground and it broke. They are claiming that the gun costs $50 and are demanding that you pay for it. Your child says she accidentally knocked it out of the neighbor's tree house and shows you the scratches and punch marks the neighbor's friend left on her after the gun was broken. How would YOU respond?

I'll share my response tomorrow. My hypothetical response, of course. :P


  1. I'd tell them they were stupid for spending that much money on a toy that they shouldn't have in the first place and be done with it! :-) And then punch, kick and scratch them back!

    Seriously... I don't know what I'd do Erin. If it was an accident, I truly don't think one would be responsible for it. I wouldn't expect someone to replace my kids $50 toy if it was an accident.

  2. hmmm if it was accidental then indeed it is not a need to pay for it, however I might be up in serious hypothetical arms if my kid had scratches and punches...


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