Sunday, April 19, 2009

My hypothetical response (LOL!)

A few days ago I posted about a situation we had with the neighbors and a little boy playing with them who lives down the street. For more info, read this. Here was my response:

First off, we called V inside and had a big talk with her about what happened. She was very adamant that it was an accident and she was very sorry about the toy getting broken. However, she had been told several times before that she was not supposed to stay at the neighbor's house when the little boy from down the street came over because he tends to get rough and is not very nice. We told her that if she had obeyed, none of this would have happened, so part of it was her responsibility. While we were talking to her, Tim caught the kid from down the street and our neighbor's son listening at our window!!! I guess they wanted to see if they were going to score their $50 or not. I walked down the street and asked to talk to the little guy's parents - of course they were not home and their teenage son didn't know when they would be home. Nice, huh? I told him I would come back at 8 pm to talk with his mom if she was home then. When I got back home, I told V that I understood that it was an accident but even if something is an accident, if it is your fault, you are responsible for replacing it. I reminded her of when I accidentally dropped a coffee cup in Wal-Mart and we had to take it to the register and pay for it. So...she brought her wallet with all her money ($23) down and then we ate dinner and I put her in bed. Tim and I had already agreed that if this mom really pushed the issue, we would pay to replace the gun since we weren't out there and didn't see what happened and it had gotten broken - but we weren't happy about it.

8 pm rolls around...I see another car is at the house. I walked down the street with the now glued back together gun in my hands (Tim tried to fix it with epoxy - have I mentioned what a super guy he is?) I talked to the mom and filled her in on the situation and she called the little boy over to talk to her. He LIED to his mom and said he never asked for money - he just came to tell us that V broke it but he told us we didn't have to replace it. WHAT???? The mom kept reassuring me over and over that he didn't have the real air bullets - she throws those away as soon as they buy those things. Lady, I don't really care - what I care about is that your kid accused my kid of breaking something and then demanded money from me. I was so flabbergasted that the kid lied to his mom in front of me I didn't even mention the scratches and punch marks- it probably wouldn't have done any good because he would have just lied and said he didn't do that either. Ugh. She finally got past the bullet issue and said that she saw him going out with that and she shouldn't have let him take it, and so it was her fault, so we didn't need to replace the gun since it glued back together ok and she was sorry. Moral of the story: if V wants to play with the neighbor's daughter, they are coming to our house from now on.

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  1. Oy veh! Did the boy's mother realize he was lying through his teeth? I really hope won't be one of those parents that believes my child is always telling the truth and would never do anything wrong!!

    Glad things turned out okay. Lesson learned.


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