Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Witty Visms (guaranteed to make you giggle or your money back!)

My sweet V. How she loves to talk! If it were an Olympic sport, she would have more medals than Michael Phelps. However, as much as she likes to talk, she pronounces certain words so hilariously that you cannot help but laugh at her. She also comes up with the wackiest things! Let me share some of my favorites from the long weekend...

Me: (Friday afternoon on the way to the dentist) How was school today?

V: Good. We have this new girl and she's from another state and she had a fit at school today.

Me: Oh, my! What happened?

V: She got mad and said she hated our school and she hated our TEACHERS (said very dramatically because that's the worst thing you can say in 3rd grade, I believe) and that she was going to call her dad and tell him to move her back where she moved from because people in the South are just ig-nore-ment.

Me: Did she mean ignorant? (snickering under my breath)

V: Yeah. I just couldn't remember how to say that word she said when she was being so mean to us.

Well, if this kid thinks the South is ignorant, at least V is doing all she can to change her mind. HAHA!

Tim, V and I were watching the Today show on Saturday morning and the reporter was interviewing people about how they are cutting their budgets this summer. All of the people were in New York City and were talking about how they were going to this state and that state for vacation. Tim and I were amazed because hello! You live in New York. You have tons of places to go and do things without even leaving your city. We started talking about our ideal dream vacation. V jumped in...

V: If I could go anywhere, I want to go to China.

Tim: Why would you want to go there?

V: So I could see where all my toys are made. Every single toy I have says on the bottom "Made in China." I bet they have really cool toy making places there.

Monday morning...

V: So Mommy, what are you remembering today?

Me: Huh? What do you mean?

V: Well, today is Mem-oral have to reMEMber something.

Hope everyone had a great Mem-oral Day weekend! :)


  1. Ha ha ha ha! That girls is so funny. She had the right idea about Memorial day though! A has a thing for China too. He just likes the way it sounds, along with Chicken, I guess its the CH sound, I dont know. Keep the V-isms coming!

  2. Well, what did you remember on your special Mem-orial day? LOL!!!!


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