Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy freakin' new year

I am not normally a grouch...those who know me well can attribute to that (my husband does not need to add any input here). However, there are a few things that rile me up and annoy me. I HATE fireworks. Now, if it is the 4th of July, I think they are great. I love buying sparklers and small fireworks and doing them in the driveway. But on New Years Eve? Really??? Right after college, when Tim and I had first gotten married, we lived in a small apartment (which seemed so big to us at the time lol) across the street from a family of some Oriental descent. They LOVED shooting fireworks and would pick the oddest days of the year to shoot them. Tim and I used to joke that we knew all the Chinese holidays after living there. We had a golden retriever at the time who was terrified of fireworks and I used to get so annoyed seeing her so scared and hiding in the bedroom. Fast forward almost 6 years - now we live in a neighborhood down the street from these people who will shoot fireworks for any occasion. They just started about 15 minutes ago. Are they done? Nope - they will shoot them on and off ALL.NIGHT.LONG. We don't have our golden any more but we have this 72 pound weenie bulldog named Caedmon who HATES fireworks. He just started crying and whining and will keep it up all night long. To top it off, V just got woken up too. She has been up late several nights over this break and has been having a hard time falling asleep at her normal bedtime. She just fell she's back up. Arrrrghhh....I hope you guys are having a better New Year's Eve!


  1. Erin I am sorry!! I can so empathize. Happy 2009 my friend.

  2. Last night(or shall I say this morning)in my neighborhood,, people were shooting those things off..sounded like gunshots! Fortunately they were finished around 12:45...Hope you all have a terrific 2009!


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